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Ратио: 9977882.710
Торренты: 15879
Имя актрисы: Lana
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Год производства: 2019
Жанр: Blonde, Blowjob, Cowgirl, Doggy, Facial, Missionary, On Back, Pussy Licking, Reverse Cowgirl, Small Tits, Toy Play
Продолжительность: 01:16:39

It's always the quite ones that turn out to be the closet whores. Meet 21-year-old Lana. "I love money and sex", she says. Those are two damn good reasons to be here and get exploited I'd say.This girl might look shy and naive but when asked were she lost her virginity we find out right away she is DIRTY. It's a first for me to hear a girl say, "I was 14 and lost it in a gutter". You can't get dirtier, or more romantic, than a street gutter with a random one-night stand to pop your cherry, and at 14! Parents lock your daughters up or some snot nosed palooka will pork your little girl's clam slit in the dirty street gutter while your perverted neighbors watch. You might say that not a lot of great things were born out of the cold war, well I for one say little Russian hottie Lana will change your view of were hot commodities come from. Sure Russia is cold but once you see Lana peel off her skin-tight jeans and top to reveal what the motherland blessed her with, you'll only want more girls from the Eastern block to warm your nights. Now we didn't get to far into the interview before finding out that Lana is a very sexual and experimental girl. Hell, her first fuck was in a street gutter!, and her latest fuck was a 3way just a few nights ago with her bestest girlfriend! "It was the first time I licked a girls pussy", she says with her oh so innocent giggle. Whoever the guy was I'm sure didn't deserve that experience. So we get this little Russian girl naked and she starts masturbating with the torpedo as our stud Nathan fingers and then shoves some glass toys up that beautiful little pussy. But the screams that utter from our little Russian reach feverishly high pitches once the Hitachi is introduced. I think it took her just 10 seconds of the "orgasm torture device" on her clit before she screeched out another O. So by this time Nathan is rock hard and the only way to quite this girl down is to stick his cock in her mouth. Of course I keep the Hitachi dancing over her clit as she has another stretching orgasm while tending to the hard cock in her mouth. That's a good slut Lana. You're going to do everything we tell you to do today isn't that right. Well almost everything. Rimming Nathan's ass is guess is the limit for this newbie. So is Lana a good cock-sucker you ask? Nathan says YES! And she is into it. Go girl. Not even slowing down a little bit during that sucking action as she responds to questions. Like a baby animal fighting for a nipple on her mother, Lana sucks that cock like she hasn't eaten in weeks and her only source of food comes from Nathan's cock. Yes this girl loves sex all right. And once she's on her back counting ceiling tiles we see how much she loves having her pussy licked and fingered until she has another two O's.? "How does your pussy taste?", we ask her. "Good" she mutters. I just love making girls suck their pussy juice off our fingers. Get a girl horny enough and she'll do anything you ask. And once a cock is introduced up her fuck hole it's like a trance Lana falls into as Nathan's Famous Hotdog pounds her. Yea the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Championship was this last weekend. You'd think with all the great cock sucking skills out there a girl would be in contention. (Said in an Italian voice) "Lana could a been a contender". So Nathan's Famous Hotdog pounds our Russian's slit in numerous positions and she gets the riding of her life as Nathan pounds her box in reverse cowgirl. The fun doesn't end there as Lana rides Nathan's Famous Hotdog in cowgirl then gets a good fucking in doggy to end this marathon sex session. So if watching this weeks little exploitee Lana doesn't make you want to jump on your computer to ordering yourself a mail order bride from the motherland I don't know what will. This girl comes across shy and maybe innocent, but she is anything but. Lana's a dirty little whore who sucks Nathan's cock clean of cum; and does it without being to slutty about it. That's what we love about first timers!

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Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

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Добавлен  11 июл 2019, 16:20

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